Team UpIt’s easy to book a ride:

Step 1

Register your details to create an account/Login with TeamUp - our booking provider Login / Register

Step 2

Use TeamUp to claim your one time FREE class pass or buy any of the multiples of passes. Your initial free class will come up as a £0 transaction. Select the 'First Ride Free' class and then 'buy' it. 

Step 3

Book a ride slot – choose your class Schedule

Happy Riding!


Please always remember to cancel your class if you can’t make it.  We have a nightly blackout period between 12am and 5am when the waitlist will not operate. If you cancel up to 6 hours before the class start time your class pass will be recredited and you can use it for another class, unless the 6 hours cover the blackout period in which case you need to add that blackout period on to the 6 hours.  For example, if you want to cancel an 8.30am class you need to cancel this before 9.30pm the night before. 

If you are within the 6 hours, please still cancel this gives another person a chance to ride.

If you are on a waitlist please remember to check your emails prior to the class as there is a good chance you will still get the chance to book in for a ride.

Arrival Time

PedalHouse opens 30mins prior to classes starting and closes 30mins after the last ride.

When you arrive please sign in at reception. Your bike will be released if you have not signed in 5mins before class start. If you are running late, call us and we will hold your bike. Riders who arrive more than 5 minutes after the ride has started will not be admitted as it is disruptive for everyone in the class. You will also have missed the warm up which is essential for a safe ride. Arriving late disrupts those around you as well as the instructor.


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