PedalHouse is the perfect place to start, continue or just enjoy exercise. Everyone is welcome, whatever your ability and aspirations! Whether you are aiming to get fitter, lose weight or be social: spinning is a fitness class that is suitable for all.

PedalHouse brings together all levels of rider from complete beginners to regular spinners to experienced road cyclists and triathletes. Give us a call or drop us an email if you have any questions.

Our instructors will set you up on the bike and lead your rides, giving you a target of rpm (speed) but you control the effort and resistance and ride at the level that feels best for you.

"I joined my first ever spin class at Pedal House on Sunday! Really enjoyed it! I didn't have to worry about never having been before, everyone was really friendly & I had help to set up my bike. The class was well structured & motivational, the music was great & the 75 minutes flew by! I will definitely be back."
- Lindsay

Other Useful Stuff

Remember - your first ride is FREE!
When you register you can access the first FREE class pass within the booking system.

For your first ride try to arrive 15 minutes early, this gives us time to go through your bike set up making sure you are comfortable and confident. In terms of clothing we recommend that you wear light and breathable gear as it will get very hot and sweaty during the session. PedalHouse are keen that riders ‘clip in’ (ue spd type shoes) to their bikes, enabling a smoother ride and stronger workout for all the muscle groups. However, all bike pedals have reversible toe clips so trainers will work well too.

We have small towels on the bikes for you to use in those sweaty moments. Bring a water bottle to keep hydrated.

We have changing rooms with showers and we hire towels if you don’t bring your own. If you are in a hurry and heading straight off please make sure you bring something dry to put on so you don’t get cold going home.

Lastly tell us if you are unwell or injured. We would recommend not riding if you are in doubt. PedalHouse will be here for another day.

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