hugh.jpgHead Instructor and co-founder Hugh brings his 20 years experience of multisports to PedalHouse. Spinning has been the foundation of his training whether for road racing on the bike, endurance triathlons or ultra-running. His love of music brings a unique soundtrack to all his classes, which are likened to "bootcamp meets rave". His naturally friendly nature and his depth of knowledge of sports and fitness training make him an inspiring coach. 


rob.jpgRob is a fitness professional with over 15 years experience, teaching spin for more than 10 years. He is also a hard core triathlete,  training for his fourth  Celtman extreme triathlon, a competitor in mixed martial arts  so he knows all about endurance. Rob's sessions are high intensity, structired and  fun workouts for all levels fitness. Rob also teaches our Thursday circuits which are a dynamic cardio, core and mobilty combination. 


steve.jpgStephen joined PedalHouse with a impressive 14 years of indoor cycling coaching experience. His rides are hand crafted journeys with carefully planned structure, motivational coaching. His background as an ex club DJ means he has slick and original soundtracks for all his rides. Stephen also runs his own Personal Training and Sports Massage business, Keppiefit and is a keen competitive tennis player. 

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